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What’s New For Moon Goddess and Artist Oranit

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Hello Everyone,

As I am deep at work on my next installment of the “Celestial Six”, Moon Goddess and I are getting ready for our debut show with the North York Visual Artist Group, which I’ve become a member of this past month.

In the end of May Moon Goddess will be making a week long appearance at the Toronto Center Of The Arts in North York. A dream come true for both of us. An upscale and stunning venue, there will be food, refreshments and a cash bar, music and schmoozing. I will update my blog with all the upcoming details and hope to see all of you who’s asked to meet the Moon Goddess and say hello to us both.

I am grateful for the continuing support and love of my friends and family during these past two years, you have all made this possible and I could not have done it without you.

Can’t wait to meet all of you this May, 2015. Much love,

Artist Oranit and Mood Goddess.


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