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The “Do Not Forsake Me Angel”.

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Air Element.

This particular paintings had very humble beginnings. Around 2003, with pen and paper, I started drawing a concept of a broken winged or injured Angel. Words were scribbled in her wings, sentences, disjointed, as if scattered thoughts.

But I with all the Elemental-inspired Series, They Begin with Mother Elemental, The First Representative Of The Chosen Element. The Air Element, in this case, Must look over her future descendents; She is showing the duality that has always played so prominently in my life. (True to my Gemini Nature). Dark and Light, Loss and Gain, Sadness and Joy; simply by the duality represented by the poem I wrote in her wings (A poem that is also an Oranit Original)

we all need angles; divine protection, support of our loved ones who are here to make our journey bearable in times of turbulence and uncertainty and I’m hoping that mine Angel, both Celestial and Earth bound, will not forsake me.

Wing One: (Dark)

Do Not Forsake Me when I am broken,

When all my hope and light are lost.

Do Not Forsake Me, when I’m forgotten,

Tormented by my darkest thoughts.

Wing Two : (Light)

Give me all your blessed guidance

Awaken, Reborn into your light.

Surround me with your endless kindness,

Be forever by my side.


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