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About Me

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015I grew up in Rishon LeZion. A Coastal town South of Tel-Aviv.
I am the eldest of three children. My sister, brother and myself always had a strong sense of identity and self-expression.
My parents always worked together, carrier – wise, and that was in itself very unusual. They founded the “MORR School of Business” in Rishon, which ran for over 20 years.

I started painting at a very young age, Under the watchful eye of my Grandfather,  Josef Spiegel, who was a painter and sculptor. Early on, he brought my works to his close friend and next door neighbor, Who was the head of the Israeli Artist Association Mr. Eliahu Adler. Mr. Adler inspected my early work, and in no uncertain terms, forbade my grandfather and parents to send me to any formal art school or any technical teaching, as he was adamant that my style would develop naturally; and my artistic element must be allowed to realize and mature without any influence from any technical instruction.  As he was the highest authority, an accomplished artist himself, to which many applied to be their teacher and mentor, my family decided to follow his advice.  I didn’t know this until much later in my life, so I owe my unique style to his keen eye and judgment, and my family who allowed me to develop my artistic element and talent without pushing me, interruption or interference.

One of my great inspirations is my mother, I realized what feminine power and drive were all about. She is the real head of our family. Most of my paintings, are in some measure, a tribute to this deep connection I have with my mom.
The women I paint are also a homage to all women, especially Israeli ones, who are equal to Israeli men in every way, including service in the Army.
From my father I absorbed his great love of the ocean. Every Saturday our family went to the beach. It was a family tradition… I still remember the smell of the water, the feel of the white sand…understanding that life is full of deep endless possibility, like the vast body of water I saw at my feet.
To this day.I usually paint women, in bright colors mostly, as part of nature, or forces of mythology. Of course I had to figure out on my own how to mix paints what works and what does not.
Many nights of agony and frustration fighting with my work, with images that burned in my mind but refuse to be easily transferred to canvas, causing me deep turmoil. Whenever I want to give up painting forever, I try to conjure up a memory of my Grandfather Joseph – always patient and quiet , intent on his work, a self-taught artist.
My work represent this on several facets:
The show the connection I have with my mother, the peace and love and beauty of growing up near the ocean, taking long walks with my father on the shoreline, they are painted in the heavily textured technique I developed over time, reminiscent of my Grandfather Joseph’s works, and what I am compelled to create, a painting and a sculpture in one.
The heartbreak of leaving Israel and knowing that there is no place in the world like it, embedded with struggle and loss and endless beauty.
The courage of the Israeli people, and people everywhere, who live life to the fullest, with passion and an unbreakable spirit.
I use my women to show the many facets of Israeli Feminine Power , and remarkable inspiring women who empower and inspire me.
Independent,. strong, complex women; warrior women when needed; mothers, sisters, daughters. Women of peace and love and strength.

As a Canadian Citizen I do my best to use my work and background to give people a different side of Israel, showing how as Israeli women, we give life, support our man as equals in every way, and how similar we are to every woman out there who has to find beauty amidst adversity, light through darkness.
I am proud of my heritage, and appreciate Canada for embracing diversity.
My Power Women images communicate a message:
Essentially, love, life and beauty is universal. We may be from different places
But we all want peace.