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Archive for March, 2012

New and Exciting!!!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

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Mermaid’s Eyes

Monday, March 5th, 2012

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Just looking at my Mermaid’s face creates serenity and hope in my heart. I hope it does the same to all who gaze upon her. She was painted during a very turbulent time in my life, a turbulence and great difficulties that has not subsided to this day. And yet, even long after I’ve painted her, and it took over two years to create; having her look at me with such promise and calmness, so I can almost feel and smell and hear the ocean of my childhood home, feel the optimism and exhilarating hope of not knowing my future, but thinking that I can do and be anything. This is such a precious and fleeting time in our lives, before our big regrets, our wrong turns, our lost years. Seeing her is like glimpsing into who I was, and who I still want to be….


The “Do Not Forsake Me Angel”.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

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Air Element.

This particular paintings had very humble beginnings. Around 2003, with pen and paper, I started drawing a concept of a broken winged or injured Angel. Words were scribbled in her wings, sentences, disjointed, as if scattered thoughts.

But I with all the Elemental-inspired Series, They Begin with Mother Elemental, The First Representative Of The Chosen Element. The Air Element, in this case, Must look over her future descendents; She is showing the duality that has always played so prominently in my life. (True to my Gemini Nature). Dark and Light, Loss and Gain, Sadness and Joy; simply by the duality represented by the poem I wrote in her wings (A poem that is also an Oranit Original)

we all need angles; divine protection, support of our loved ones who are here to make our journey bearable in times of turbulence and uncertainty and I’m hoping that mine Angel, both Celestial and Earth bound, will not forsake me.

Wing One: (Dark)

Do Not Forsake Me when I am broken,

When all my hope and light are lost.

Do Not Forsake Me, when I’m forgotten,

Tormented by my darkest thoughts.

Wing Two : (Light)

Give me all your blessed guidance

Awaken, Reborn into your light.

Surround me with your endless kindness,

Be forever by my side.


Fire Walk With Me.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

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Fire Element

The Fire Elementals  are inspired and informed by life’s many struggles, hardships, pain and loss, turned into triumph, success, joy and prosperity.

One might say that indeed, there is no light without dark, fire can be both a destroyer and an illumination. So there cannot be Victory without loss, Triumph without struggle, success without failure.

This particular painting is The Fire Tamer.

The Fire Tamer has been through her share of trouble and turbulence, uncertainty, grief, pain. But with every life’s burn she has become stronger, more powerful. So much so that she has now tamed that fire, and has become a shining beacon for others.  This particular Painting was donated by me, to The Rome Memorial Hospital In NY, In order to help with raising funds for their Imaging Center.

Nola’s in Clinton Signature painting.

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

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It is my honor and privilege, to commission a once in a life-time art piece for a restaurant and venue so close to my heart.
Nola’s (Clinton NY). 

Background is black matte. To fit with the restaurant ambiance, modern style.

Acrylic paint, featuring a Bar tender’s point of view and a menu with the establishments name!

Please visit Nola’s Restaurant